Era Shopping

Still being checked out IM or PM me with any new ones please - Dee

Mercy Style <50's Many dresses that seem to be inspired by the 1950s Lots of empire waist gowns
Old Times Prims Victorian to 1950's More common and daily clothes, but all very authentic. Blog at:
Pixel Dolls various Vintage clothes plus skins
Pocket Mirrors various Vintage/retro beauty shop - has flapper bobs. (Clarissa Lowell) Store blog:
1-800 Bettie's 20's to 40's "Their 'flapper' shoes are the most authentic-looking female 1920s everyday shoes I've yet seen. They also make nice 'theatrical' dance shoes, for those who are into performance arts in SL. (Sort of like Mary Janes, but with a much lower heel.) Their other female vintage shoes are also very authentic; not super shiny and modern, but more low key and realistic. Lots of vintage men's clothing upstairs. 1920s "Jazz suit" in many colors. 1940s tuxes. A wide array of hats." (Clarissa Lowell)
Made Men various Old pinstripe suits and spats shoes (Clarissa Lowell)
Sonatta Morales 20's to 50's Women's vintage couture. "Sonatta caters to the vintage glam extremely well. That full gown or special dress that screams 20's - 50's imagines you walking the red carpet with the likes of Hepburn or Bacall." ( Shinigami Kayo from her blog at:
Ivalde Vintage Baroque to 1980's See their blog at:
Ingenue various Vintage-style couture and hair

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