Sims you may like

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Old Hollywood
This is the sim where The Vault is located

The Mother Road
Some pictures on Shangreloo Kuhn's blog here:

1920's Berlin Project
Their wiki:
Brief review in Steampunk Tribune:

The Cotton Club (may need to check this is still correct)
This is a sim called the Cotton Club. Not connected, as far as I know, with the actual jazz venue of the same name on the Virtual Harlem sim.

Virtual Harlem
There is a Cotton Club venue on this sim.

Seraph City
Dieselpunk themed sim.
Their blog:
Good review in VR Style's September issue: Skip to page 86!

RMS Titanic

The Far Away

The Quiet
"AM Radio's winter scene (which could easily be from 1940)".

1920's theme rp sim mentioned by Tiffy. This slurl will drop you in the Fiume Jazz Club.

Mississippi Delta Blues
"Visit the Mississippi of the 1940s. Watch live music performances, ride the steam train, take a boat ride, dance in the cotton field, or visit the museum with direct links to information on real-life blues, jazz and gospel performers and events." (SL Destination Guide)

New Toulouse
With its hoodoo stalls, speakeasy jazz joints, Creole kitchens, and period architecture, New Toulouse has a look and feel loosely based on the city of New Orleans and its surrounding swamps and bayous at the turn/beginning of the 20th century.

Atom Burma's
Freebie cinema structure.
Most of the 'toons are from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, with some from the 50s or 60s. Lots of Betty Boop for instance, with some old Popeye and the occasional Superman. Lots of other kinds, too. Casper, Little Lulu.

An abandoned New England costal town set in the late 1930's. "An H.P. Lovecraft based sim. It's a bit twisted and creepy and oh so interesting to explore. It's an abandoned New England costal town set in the late 1930's." (Braunwyn Cleanslate)

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